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Moving abroad as an American citizen can open up many exciting and new opportunities. However, one thing that will always remain a concern is the IRS and worldwide taxation issues .

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We cut through the complexity of managing finances overseas by avoiding jargon and obscure industry terms. Instead we prefer familiar, reassuring language, and simple financial planning solutions that make sense to everyone.

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Unlike European countries, the United States operates a strict policy of protectionism. That is to say, they do their utmost to keep US money invested in US companies and structures.

Falling foul of these rules can result in unwanted tax bills and penalties, so it is essential that correct and regulated advice is taken at all stages.

Services for American Expats

At Harrison Brook, we are holistic financial advisers who are regulated stringently by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US, as well as throughout Europe via the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Insurance Companies Control Service (ICCS).

This allows us to provide the full spectrum of services for Americans living around the world, including IRA accounts, 401K rollovers, and US compliant investment platforms and solutions.

Products for American expats

IRA and 401K management

We are able to consolidate and advise on your US-based retirement accounts whilst you are living abroad, whether it’s a temporary or permanent move. Failure to maintain ongoing management and reviews of your retirement provisions can result in lost opportunities and greater exposure to risk, especially when reaching retirement age.

US compliant investment platform

It is essential that any investment made as a US citizen living abroad does not fall foul of reporting requirements. Most standard European-based investments will have Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) elements. When these are held in any portfolio belonging to a US-connected individual, the IRS imposes significant tax penalties.

What Our Customers Say

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  • "From my first contact with Jack Camille I was impressed by the service of Harrison Brook. Advice was clearly given after an in-depth financial review. Advice was very clearly outlined and came with regular reviews of progress. Excellent service all round."

  • "Prompt reliable and expert help when needed.Transparent disclosure of all the costs involved. Friendly and efficient service I would highly recommend."

  • "Sound advice in difficult times. Acceptable prices when compared with alternatives. Regular contact and updates in clear understandable form."

  • "James was able to instantly build rapport, while he guided me through the process of opening an account. This is my first account of this nature, and I had countless questions. James patiently explain things in a way which was easy to understand, while still listening to what I had to say. I really appreciate his insight."

  • "Excellent customer service all the way through, professional, proactive, patient in answering all my questions, immediate answer to emails, great follow up and communication, deep legal knowledge and legal experience in the field, all of which helped in having my pension transferred in a faster amount of time than normal. I’ve rarely received such swift and excellent customer service before. The whole complex pension transfer experience could have been heavy and stressful, but instead it was the whole opposite."

  • "My financial knowledge is very limited but I knew I had to do to invest somewhere. I found the market scary and intimidating. I think really its a mine field. I am very grateful for finding Harrison Brook as they have been outstanding. From the very start they have guided me through the process in an honest and transparent manner explaining every step. Even after a lot of hesitation on my behalf. I don't think I could be happier with the first 6 Months. James Rayburn has been a class act answering all my interrogations patiently and professionally. I would recommend him and Harrison Brook to friends and family. The advice I have received has been very financially rewarding. I look forward to working with Harrison Brook and James for a very long time. Probably one of the best decisions I have ever made."

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