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Friends Provident Reserve Bond

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Friends Provident Reserve Bond

A Friends Provident Reserve Bond is an effective tool for meeting the complex tax needs of each individual client.  Available throughout the world, the Friends Provident International ‘Reserve Bond’ provides the investor with the ability to defer and plan taxation.

Key Features:

  • Available in 8 currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, CHF, AUD, SEK and JPY).
  • Choice of investment, depending on your particular situation.
  • Investment split into multiple policies – ensuring flexibility.
  • Tax efficient.
  • Capital can be accessed at anytime.
  • Pay ins can be made at anytime.
  • 2 different types of bond: Whole Life and Capital Redemption (speak to an adviser about which option is best for you).
  • Medium to Long-Term investment.
  • Scheduled withdrawals possible (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly).


  • Initial minimum Lump Sum investment £50,000, or £100,000 for Capital Redemption bond (or currency equivalent).
  • Additional pay-ins must be at least £5,000, or £10,000 for annual policy (or currency equivalent).

What to watch out for?

  • Various different costs involved.
  • The different types on bond have different minimums.

It’s important to speak to an adviser to achieve the full potential, and benefits, of your bond.

How Harrison Brook can help and how are we different?

Whether you already hold a Reserve Bond, or, are looking to open one, Harrison Brook can guide you through the entire process, and continue to manage your bond or alternative proposal throughout its life. We are:

  • Fee-based and transparent: you will know every cost involved – allowing for the greatest returns.
  • Online platform: allows you to track your investments, trades and savings – complete control.
  • Continuous 5 star reviews for our Level 4 qualified Financial Advisers work.
  • No restrictions on where you live – we are accessible and available worldwide.
  • Free, no obligation initial consultation.
  • All costs explained and cost-saving solutions proposed.

For more information, advice or to move your investment to Harrison Brook, contact us today.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only which is subject to change and should not be relied upon. You should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity.

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