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Financial Advice Dubai Expats

Financial Advice Dubai

Financial Advice Dubai Expats?

Are you an Expatriate or International, working in Dubai? If you are specifically looking for professional financial advice Dubai – we are here to help.

We are experienced and familiar with assisting expats Dubai, living and working outside of their country of origin, to address their individual financial planning and investment needs. Therefore, we are cross-border international specialists, with advice provided globally from a UK regulated base.

What services do we offer?

Offshore current accounts

Holding bank accounts offshore can make managing your money and assets, while you are overseas. It is easier to administer and gives you complete geographical flexibility. Henceforth, we can assist you with opening a range of current accounts offshore in any number of different base currencies.

Portable retirement planning

International Private Retirement Plan – when expats move from place to place, this transient lifestyle goes very much against their retirement planning. It often prevents them forming coherent financial plans over the medium-long term. Offshore portable retirement plans offer a great solution to the transient contractor who, just like their local counterpart, wishes to invest and make financial plans for his or her future. However, this geographically portable solution is negating the inconvenience and disruption of needing to re-establish a new retirement plan every time you ‘country hop’. The plan stays in the same place while you move around, and it grows tax-free the whole time, in a tax efficient investment area.

UK pension transfers

Wondering how to transfer or consolidate your UK pensions (including UK frozen pensions)? For this reason, we offer QROPS (Qualifying Overseas Pension Schemes) and SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pensions) financial advice Dubai.

University & education fee funding

International Education Savings Plan – By putting in place an effective, tax efficient, wealth accumulation international education savings plan you can address all the dreams and aspirations that you have for your children, with a much greater level of ease. Therefore, you are not restricted from which country you can contribute or upon using the capital to withdraw/encash to pay for the education expenses. The plan stays in the same place while you move around, and it grows tax-free the whole time, in a tax efficient investment area.

International insurances

Is your family protected by international expat life, income, and health insurance? With this in mind, Harrison Brook commits to provide private security contractors with the cheapest route to buy international insurances.

Investment advice

Have you built up savings in your bank account? Fed up with low bank interest returns? Thus we have a range of portable investment solutions available. In a range of fund platforms, flexible lump sum vehicles to portfolio bonds. Accordingly, we personalize our portfolio management services to each and every client. We depend on such criteria as investment term and your attitude to risk.

Why choose Harrison Brook for financial advice Dubai?

  • Specialists in dealing with expats in Dubai.
  • Products and services are provided globally from the world’s largest banks by multi-award winning UK regulated advisers.
  • Solutions for the transient expat – perfect for clients who country hop or move around.
  • UK based – global reach.
  • No restrictions on client location.
  • Regulated to the very highest levels, worldwide.
  • Ongoing management/advice is provided quarterly.

How do you get started and take the first step?

To learn more about financial advice Dubai, try our revolutionary online advice service, ‘get started‘ today for free, no obligation, financial analysis, and information.

Therefore, you can speak to one of our advisers instantly or schedule an appointment to understand how we can help you while you live and work in Dubai.

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only which is subject to change and should not be relied upon. You should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity.

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