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Posted by Jack Camille - ACSI | Jan 21, 2021

UK Pension after Brexit

UK Pension after Brexit (Please note this article does not apply to UK State pensions) With Brexit now completed there are many concerns and unanswered questions regarding the effects on

Expats rights after Brexit

Posted by Ryan Frost | Apr 17, 2018

Expats’ rights after Brexit (Via The Guardian)

Lisa O’Carroll reports on British nationals grilling the British ambassador in France (12 April). We had a similar meeting in Estonia last year. Although the atmosphere was a little less hostile than


Posted by David Naughton | Apr 11, 2018

Brexit Winners & Losers – Brexit Frankfurt

Brexit Frankfurt With a little less than a year to go before the UK formally leaves the EU, it is still very difficult to predict with any certainty, what Brexit


Posted by Ryan Frost | Mar 27, 2018

‘Britain seems broken now’: faces from the Brexit exodus to Europe (via The Guardian)

The EU referendum result spurred a life-changing move to a better standard of living for these couples and families. An increasing number of Brits disappointed and angry about the referendum

Posted by Ryan Frost | Apr 17, 2017

How to survive Article 50 Brexit as an expat

Article 50 – Brexit as an Expat On the 28th of March, Prime Minister Theresa May signed Article 50, thereby triggering the beginning of the Brexit process. But what does

Posted by Andra Popovici | Feb 20, 2017

Brexit, financial preparations for expats

If you’re one of the British expats living in an EU country you’re likely wondering how Brexit will affect you .What financial preparations you should make ahead of Britain leaving the

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